Some mundane, run of the mill items

One of the most satisfying aspects of finishing models is the portrayal of the routine and mundane finishes associated with the hard-working day to day railway.
Here are a few examples;


The B1 are nice examples of workaday locos. Probably by the mid 1960s finishes were generally a fair bit rougher than this but you would still find locos that got that little bit more attention, even of not spotless.
Diesels too varied greatly but by the latter end of the decade with whole areas cleared of steam, they were less likely to rub shoulders with their predecessors, meaning the really grimy diesels seen circa 1964-5 were less common. Although South Wales based EE Type 3s largely proved the exception!



Freight stock generally had a hard life and even fairly modern equipment soon took on a tatty appearance like this mineral wagon and 21 ton hopper.


Lastly for today, I’ll finish off with a grimy loco typical for a St Margarets V2 during their last summer of freight work over the erstwhile Waverley Route in 1965



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