Max Stafford's Kennel

I’ve spent far too little time on modelling of late. Sometimes I get a minor surge of enthusiasm which all too frequently gets bogged down in a swamp of indecision as I survey the sheer depth of modelling material I am surrounded with.

Add to this the additional distractions of a considerable side interest in politics, a backlog of house jobs together with the growing need for some adjustments to my current work/life balance and it’s become evident that some greater sense of direction and purpose to my modelling is sorely needed.

I have some embryonic ideas starting to bubble about a small layout which I could practically achieve. The Broomloan Yard concept that I first mentioned two years ago (was it really that long ago?) is still a long term project but as yet I’m not in the right place to tackle this project.

What I do have in…

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Too much of a good thing.