First of the New Year



It’s been a fair while since I added anything to the blog; motivation can and does nosedive a bit between November and January as the darker colder evenings kick in and ‘The Kennel’ becomes less of an appealing prospect,  but I’ve just turned out these two finished models during a week off from work. The first model is an O gauge Bachmann Class 20 which arrived in small panel green but was required to be put into a mid-1970s TOPS-era condition. Many of these machines still retained their green livery at this era and some made it into the early 1980s (although the green livery was by then generally cloaked beneath a thick layer of dirt and oil). Most ultimately received blue livery although 20 014 was actually withdrawn circa 1978 and scrapped in green livery – the only member of the class not to have been repainted into blue during its service according to my source.

Yesterday afternoon provided a window of sunlight here so it was out into the garden to snap some photos of the models.

Class 20s have grown on me an awful lot of late although I’d always liked them since seeing 20 205 shunting the coal yard at East Kilbride as a boy. They will be a significant feature of Project 77, which you’ll be able to follow on Max Stafford’s Kennel as the project begins to take form.


Also coming out into the sun where two Bachmann Class 40s I was doing for a friend. The two models are completely stock and given a selection of my standard finishing techniques. The quality of the basic model is pretty good and the finishing really brings a bit of life and soul to them. There’s something actually quite lovely about the shade of blue Bachmann are currently using and the techniques bring out the best in it.






Although I have a couple of green 40s stashed away for future use, I’d be quite tempted by one in blue, if I get back to full time work again.

Even in 4mm scale, a low-angle shot can be quite convincing – I enjoyed  doing this trio of models. Next up a couple of 2mm specials and some Chinese HO!